Roosevelt Island Photo Journal

Popped over to Roosevelt Island in NYC for the Cherry Blossom Festival this spring!

This day was one of the first nice days of the year (finally!).

My friends and I decided to be a lil’ touristy and take the tram from Manhattan to Roosevelt Island. It was such a pretty and unique view of the city. It was honestly a surprisingly long wait for the tram (should’ve expected that), but it was so worth it! RI looks so small and skinny from above.

We chilled out on the hills of the park on RI, and we looked at the cherry blossoms and the amazing view of the skyline. The crazy thing is that you can look in front of you and see the Manhattan skyline and then look behind you to see the Long Island City skyline.

I’ve never been to Roosevelt Island, so we spent the entire day walking end to end. We walked about 7 miles that day (and you KNOW my legs were def aching at spin the next day).

Roosevelt Island is definitely overlooked. It doesn’t have the endless restaurants or bars of Manhattan, but it’s a perfect escape from the daily routine.


Earth Day 2019

Happy Earth Day! This is just a little Earth appreciation post including pictures from the last year πŸ™‚

Check out last year’s Earth Day post here:


A Day of Self-Care

Self-care is a kind of a trendy phrase that is being tossed around lately, but it means a lot. It has to do with giving yourself a little extra love when your mental and physical health needs it the most. Self-care can mean many things for many different people. From putting on a face mask, to shopping, to having a regular sleep schedule, or simply doing nothing, self-care takes on many forms. A few weeks ago, I was having what one would call a rough week. I was tired of my routine, sick of doing work, bored of the same scene, and, frankly, I was over sitting in my room all day. So, I decided I needed a trip to one of my favorite neighborhoods in NYC for a day out by myself. I went to the West Village and strolled around the streets, chilled in the park, and sat at a coffee shop for a little bit.

The temperature during the day ended up being above freezing for once, and the perfect blue skies put me in the best mood!

Washington Square Park was full of people, as usual, and I saw too many pups to count.

There was a guy sitting on his window ledge in one of the buildings while playing his guitar and looking out over the street. It was one of those things that made me laugh, but it also made me remember why I fell in love with the city in the first place.

I decided to take a break from walking and get some work done.

At sunset, I headed back home after a fulfilling day out.

Sometimes all you need is a little freshness to get you motivated. I have to remind myself to do the things that make happy and live in the moment. If you let yourself fall too far into a rut, it’ll be harder to get out. Take some time for yourself today. You deserve it.

Head in the Clouds: Views from the Window Seat

Somehow I get lucky and I finesse my way into the coveted window seat on an airplane pretty often. I love looking out the window at the cities and watching the tiny cars drive by and staring at the clouds below and imagining what it would feel like to touch them.

Here’s a compilation of pictures I’ve taken looking through the window on an airplane !

Lima, Peru

This is definitely the ugliest one, BUT it has a backstory. I took a red-eye flight to Lima and arrived just as the sun was rising. We were still up in the black sky, above the clouds, when I saw the brightest red appearing at the horizon at the edge of the clouds. It was the eeriest thing I have ever seen. I’ll always remember the strange feeling I felt when I saw it, and how crazy it was to descent below the clouds and see the light of day that hadn’t quite appeared above the clouds yet.

Orlando, Florida

A classic nighttime city shot! Seeing city lights at night never gets old.

Salt Lake City, Utah

The Great Salt Lake is basically an ocean. It looks so pretty from above, and it makes the nearby city look tiny! One of my favorite airplane pictures because I can’t believe I caught it!

Denver, Colorado

I! LOVE! CLOUDS! You can’t think this isn’t beautiful. Where the bright blue sky meets the clouds is especially cool.

Rome, Italy

You can barely tell, but the sea is such a clear blue. When I look back at this photo, I remember how shocked I was that the water was so clear. I was so excited to visit Italy for the first time and for the adventure that was ahead of me. This ended up being the best trip of my life so far, so it’s so fun to look at the beginning of the trip when I had no idea what was ahead of me!

Madison, WI

Snowy Madison, you are so pretty! I love seeing the squared-off sections of land from a plane. All the cool-toned winter colors in this photo are just so nice.

Chicago, Illinois

This photo isn’t the best quality, but I think there’s a bunch of super cool elements in it! I love the skyline in the back, the clouds above Lake Michigan, and the silhouette of my brother’s glasses as he peers through the window. Let me tell you, Lake Michigan is another ocean-like body of water that took SO LONG to fly over. So sick.

New York, New York

I don’t know how I got so lucky with a flight coming in at perfect timing (golden hour !). Everything was just so clear. My favorite place to walk became my favorite place to fly over.

I hope I never forget to look out the window and enjoy the moment and that I especially never forget how lucky I am to fly to so many amazing places !


While writing this post I started to wonder why the windows on airplanes are round, instead of square. As one does, I headed to Google for the answer, and I thought I’d share. Fun Fact: The windows on airplanes are round because they’re less likely to crack! However, I’m not a scientist so don’t put too much trust into my comprehension of random online articles !

Lake House Photo Journal

This is a collection of some of my favorite photos that I took during weekends spent at the lake in Pennsylvania this summer !

Views from the little dock on the lake

This sunset photos looks so rustic and perfect to me and instantly makes me feel the peace and happiness I feel there.

These were taken of a few waterfalls on a nearby hiking trail.

One of my boyfriend and mine’s favorite things to do is watch the sunset. I love how the rays of sunshine are peaking through the clouds of the first one, trying their best to keep shining before they set, and the reflection of the sunset and the clouds on the super-still lake in the second one is unrealll.

Being on the lake was one of the highlights of the past summer. It’s pure happiness, relaxation, and time with people I love !


Over the past couple of months, I’ve been obsessed with making physical collages out of pieces of paper (either pictures I’ve taken or pictures I’ve found online). I always have new ideas for themes and make them for any and every reason I can think of. If I need a way to destress or get my mind of of something, I sit down and make a collage. I even started to make them as presents/cards. I made one with pictures of me and my boyfriend for our anniversary, and I made one of my mom’s favorite things for Mother’s Day.

Here are a few of the collages I’ve made so far:

This is one of the first collages I made of random pictures I like, including Wall St. (I’m a business major), ’68 Olympics (which my professor actually qualified for), Woodstock (because who wouldn’t go back in time to live that?) and clips from TV shows like That 70’s Show, Gilmore Girls, and Lizzie McGuire.

This collage is about places I have travelled to or want to travel to in the future. It includes places like San Francisco, Italy, Spain, and Colorado and a quote that says, “Be faithful to your dreams”.

This is more of an inspirational collage I made when I was feeling down. I tried to incorporate happy pictures so I could look at it and be reminded of all these positive things.

This collage is music-themed and includes some of my favorite artists like Rex Orange County, Bad Suns, Ed Sheeran, and Coldplay with lyrics and pictures I took at concerts.

This is a collage in the shape of Manhattan with pictures I’ve taken of some of my favorite places that I’ve been and a few pictures from online/Instagram.

I made this collage for the cover of my planner because this planner was just too preppy for me haha. (Side note: planners are one of my favorite things and I would die without one) I put inspirational quotes to help me hustle through my work and a few of my favorite things like sunflowers, elephants, and sunsets. I also wanted to note the lil quote that says, “if the music’s good, you dance” because I pretty much live by that!

Making collages has been sort of a therapeutic activity for me as well as an art form. I can’t stop making them, someone please send help(but also don’t because I’m loving it) ok bye.

The Best Meal You’ll Ever Have: Vegan Recipe

This is my recipe for Peanut Butter and Banana Toast inspired by the infamous Elvis sandwich. 

This is one of my favorite meals ever because you can eat it any time of the day. Breakfast- PB & Banana Toast. Lunch- PB & Banana Toast. Dinner- PB & Banana Toast. Dessert- (you guessed it) PB & Banana Toast.

If you haven’t tried the combination of peanut butter and banana, then you need to because your life will be forever changed for the better. 

There are only a few key ingredients: 

1. Bread of any form- an English muffin, rye bread, whole wheat/grain bread, white bread- I like to switch it up.

2. Peanut Butter- any brand, smooth or crunchy, it doesn’t matter.

3. 1 Banana- the best time to eat a banana is when it’s a little spotted (don’t fight me on this !)

4. Ground Flax Seed- this is optional, doesn’t add a ton of flavor, but it’s apparently good for you.

Step 1: OK, so first you need to put two pieces of bread in the toaster for just a few minutes until they are lightly browned and crisped. 

Step 2: Once they are out of the toaster, I spread about a tablespoon of PB on the top of both pieces. 

Step 3: Sprinkle as much of the ground flax seed over the PB (about a teaspoon/tablespoon). 

Step 4: Cut your banana into about 1/3-inch slices (honestly, do whatever your heart desires) and place them on top. 

If I have circular bread, I like to arrange the slices into a flower-shape. With normal shaped bread, you can’t be this fancy, but it’s ok. 


Total time for completion: Less than 5 minutes. 

(Which means it takes basically no time at all to create a 5-star gourmet meal from the comfort of your own toaster)