California Playlist

The start of a new series of playlists that I have created. Today is the first actually warm day this year and I’m laying out on the grass listening to these songs and inspired to post them! 

This playlist is compiled of songs that for some unknown reason remind me of California or have that West Coast-skate boarding-night time-driving by the ocean-calfs hurting from climbing hilly SF-vibe. (I have no idea what I’m saying at this point, but my imagination is wild and if you listen to these songs you will strangely understand what I’m saying) 

A list of pure BOPS: 

1. Loving is Easy- Rex Orange County 

2. Salad Days- Mac DeMarco 

3. Dopamine- BøRNS 

4. Chamber of Reflection- Mac DeMarco 

4. Feels like We Only Go Backwards- Tame Impala 

5. The Beach- the Neighbourhood

6. Driving to Hawaii- Summer Salt 

7. Nothing- Rex Orange County 

8. Warm Thoughts- Flume 

9. 12:51- The Strokes 


Views from My Window: A Photo Journal

There’s something special about a view from a window. I’m not sure exactly what it is- maybe the dark contrast of the window panes or the defined shape you see the outside world in. I feel like every window catches my eye, and I instantly want to see what the view is like and take a picture. This, so far, has been the result! 

Views from la escuela

Views of New York 

   It’s definitely just me who’s fascinated with these, but come on how cool are they?

Views from the car or bus

You knowww my future apartment/house is gonna have KILLER windows and views 

Say Avocad-YES This 2018

The new year is here and everyone seems to have a new resolution for what they want to accomplish this year. I recently saw the saying “avocad-NO” somewhere on a pin, or a notebook, or a shirt, or something. Honestly, I can’t remember. So, I got to thinking. 

1. Why are we being so negative? 

2. Why can’t we say avocad-YES? 

This year, I want to say yes to new opportunities and new experiences . I don’t mean to say yes to something you’re not ready for or to say yes to something dangerous. Often, I get too scared or nervous to try something new or to take a chance. I tend to say “avocad-NO”to little things like getting lunch with someone new. Lunch is just lunch. If it goes terribly, it’s over. If it goes great, great. Moral of the story: you never know who you’re gonna meet, what lesson you’re gonna learn, or what experience you’re gonna have just from saying YES. 

Another year has flown by us. Do you really wanna waste another one by not saying yes? 

please enjoy my comically horrible drawing of an avocado 🙂

Happy New Year ! 

What Are You Thankful For ?

I got through the past two months SOLEY on the fact that Thanksgiving is coming up and eating an entire plate of stuffing. The past couple weeks have been one thing after another, and not exactly good things. I feel like now is the perfect time to reflect on what I’m thankful for- and there’s a lot ! No matter the situation, there is always something to be thankful for. Let’s try to always look at that sliver of sunlight peaking through the clouds and look at that glass as half full. Happy Thanksgiving ! 

Fall Photo Journal

Get ready for the world’s worst quality photos of some high quality foliage. My constant photo-filled blog posts may lead you to think I’m some photographer, but I’m DEFINITELY not; the the world is just too beautiful that I can’t help but try to capture it! 

And THAT SKYY. Come on. 

I actually hate fall but, like, just look at those colors !! 

She’s Always Buzzing Just Like Neon

*”Neon” by John Mayer plays softly in the background*

I just love the look of neon lights, their clean lines, and bright colors. Tracy Emin’s neon text art are some of my favorite art pieces. These are a few of my favorite snaps of neon lights and signs that I’ve seen around. 

This was taken at a jazz club where purple neon lined the ceiling. It just gave off the coolest vibes, and purple neon just so happens to be my favorite. 

Oh look, some more purple neon. 

This sign wasn’t lying; I’ll tell you that. 

It just makes everything look sick. 

I don’t know what it is, but it always catches my eye. 

It’s the little things !